Proven Addiction Treatment 
Freedom from addiction to drugs and alcohol starts here.


After the preliminary detox, you will work with a dedicated psychotherapist who will help you uncover and overcome the root causes of your addiction – the situations or experiences that caused you to use in the first place. At the same time, the rest of our industry-leading staff will help you to heal holistically – on the levels of mind, body, and spirit. You will enjoy nutritious food, organic when available, presented in our dining room, take meditative walks within our 4.5-acre campus, and strengthen your body with yoga and/or workouts. You will heal on many levels with acupuncture and meditation. Once you are ready to return home, an individualized care plan will be provided to you, incorporating your input, to help you maintain  recovery at home. At Bear River Health, our goal is for you to succeed beyond our doors, and we will do everything within our power to help you do so.

Continuity of care is concerned with the quality of care over time. It is the process by which the patient and his/her physician-led care team are cooperatively involved in ongoing health care management toward the shared goal of high quality, cost-effective medical care.

Bear River BRH patient placement criteria its based on ASAMs Criteria


Detoxification Programs | 3-10 days based on Medical Necessity

  • Drug Detox
  • Alcohol Detox

Residential Program | 30 days Plus Rehab Program




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