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Freedom from addiction to drugs and alcohol starts here.

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The process begins with a phone call or email.  

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Some times the First Contact comes from a doctor or nurse to the emergency room. Sometimes the call comes first from a concerned parent or spouse or child or sibling. Sometimes the call comes from an attorney, minister or another adviser. Sometimes the First Contact is from a concerned friend. We will happily discuss the treatment process with any of these contacts. In order to start the admission, the person who is suffering from addiction must engage in the process. If you would like our help in INTERVENTION services just ask and we will help your loved one determine if they are ready to recover. Make contact today to make a difference in our life or someone else's
A process begins where we at BRH need to learn about the specific needs of the client who will soon begin their path of recovery. During this First Step of Admissions, we will ask some confidential questions about your substance use in order to make a preliminary determination of the LEVEL OF CARE. We will ask some confidential questions regarding your FINANCIAL ABILITY. Part of this process will be to provide your insurance information so we can determine the contribution if any, that your insurance company will make for treatment. Eventually, we will determine whether BRH is the right solution considering both your required level of care and the financial ability to attend. If it is agreed that the person unable attend to recovery services here for either reason we will continue to work to place you in a program that is appropriate.
 225    Drug and Alcohol Recovery Treatment Center


Phone Line: (231) 535-2822

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

We can help you find a way to get into Treatment. Free Financial Planning Available. Do not let Cost be the reason you do Seek Help From BRH!


 Admission is a process...seldom instant...

If you need immediate help we offer detoxification services. These can be obtained quickly. Sometimes there is a delay even in the face of need while financial concerns including pre-approvals from insurance companies are involved or beds become available. We will do every possible to find immediate placement in a program even if it is not at BRH to serve the needs of the client.

 Often delay is because of the client's readiness to start this recovery process. A person often begins contemplating the need to begin recovery and will need to make a commitment before attending BRH. The commitment is:Front Door

  • to Recover from the addiction.
  • to take time from family, jobs, and responsibilities 
  • to focus on the program and process of recovery.

During the time the client the client is in contemplation, there is no cost to beginning the process of admission. There is no binding commitment until you arrive on the campus!

Are YOU serious about beginning the path of Recovery...

Treatment is not an easy path. It is an investment in you as a person. It is an investment of time and resources. There is a financial cost to recover. The team at BRH is committed to working with you to plan for the financial responsibility of attending our program. This often includes verifying insurance benefits. We accept most major insurance companies. It is important to know up front what coverage your insurance offers and what your financial responsibility will be.

BRH offers Financial Support Services - Customized Options to fit your Budget or Insurance

We accept many insurance payments as payment in full for Recovery Services. Nevertheless, almost every insurance company requires a co-payment or deductible. BRH requires those be planned for at admission. We have a financial responsibility manager that will help you gather resources. This means helping you with the tools to secure funds from those persons in your life who will support you on your road to recovery. In some cases, we can provide assistance in obtaining medical loans. In other cases, we may offer a short term payment plans. The consultation is free.

No Insurance - No Problem - We Have Solutions

For those without insurance, you can either afford treatment with financial planning or you will need to seek publicly funded treatment at another facility. We will help you and your family plan for the costs associated with treatment. 
Bear River Health is NOT a free program offered by a non-profit company that is supported by grants and donations. Bear River is a mid-priced facility designed to provide excellent services to those who are committed to enrolling in treatment and for those who are financially invested in their recovery. We accept most insurance plans, call to find out how we can help you get started.  

No Judgment from us at Bear River Health on your addiction or your finances. We will help you find a solution!

If you lack the resources to attend the programs at BRH after we have invested time and energy into trying to assist you in obtaining the financial eligibility, we will not charge you for our efforts or to refer you to the best program you can receive help from. The discussion is free so make the call. If we can not help you, we likely know someone who can!

225    Drug and Alcohol Recovery Treatment Center

Phone Line: (231) 535-2822

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.