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Taking the First Step Towards a Better Life

The process begins with Bear River Health (BRH) learning about the specific needs of each client that will soon begin their path to recovery. During the first step of admissions, we will ask confidential questions about your substance use in order to make a preliminary determination of the LEVEL OF CARE.

We will also ask confidential questions regarding your FINANCIAL ABILITY. Part of this process will be to provide your insurance information so we can determine the contribution, if any, that your insurance company will make for treatment. Eventually, we will determine whether BRH is the right solution for you, while considering both your required level of care and the financial ability to attend. If it is agreed that you are unable to attend recovery services here at BRH, we will continue to work with you in order to place you in a program that is appropriate.

Bear River Health is NOT a free program offered by a non-profit company or supported by grants and donations. Bear River Health is a mid-priced facility designed to provide excellent services to those who are committed to enrolling in treatment and those who are financially invested in their recovery. Call us to find out how we can help you get started. You will receive no judgment on your addiction or your finances. We will help to find a solution that will work best for you.

New Protocol Amid COVID-19: Respiratory Isolation 
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Admission is a Process

If immediate help is needed, BRH offers detoxification services, which can be obtained quickly. Occasionally, there may be a delay, even in the face of need, when financial concerns including pre-approvals from insurance companies are involved or waiting for beds to become available. We will do everything possible to find placement in a program, even if it is not at BRH, to best serve the needs of each client.

Often delay is because of the client's readiness to start this recovery process. A client often begins contemplating the need to begin recovery, and will have to make a commitment before attending BRH.

The commitment is:
    To recover from addiction.
    To take time from family, jobs, and responsibilities to focus on the program                  and process of recovery.


BRH Admission Steps


Contacting our Admissions Staff


Insurance / Funding Validation


Recovery Preparation


Admission into Bear River Health

Current and New Client Resources

Recipient Rights

Each recipient is provided with a LARA Recipient Rights Complaint form and grievance form upon intake, in addition to information regarding their rights as recipients and how to file a complaint. There is a confidential recipient rights box located in each building where group sessions are held, and all boxes are stocked with proper forms to complete if necessary. The contact information for the Recipient Rights Officer is available at intake and at each recipient rights box location. Additional information is provided if requested orally or in writing. Each staff member is required to complete the Improving Michigan Practices training regarding the rights of recipients in order to ensure compliance of these policies. 
Upon receipt of any complaint or grievance, Kendra Berreth the Quality Control Officer completes an impartial and confidential investigation. Under the circumstances of an immediate safety risk, the Executive Director and Human Resources department are notified immediately to take preventive action during the investigative process. All investigations are completed in a timely manner, and a narrative report is completed detailing the findings. Recommended remedial action is taken to the Executive Director and Human Resources department in the event of a substantiated complaint, or potential for process improvement. Following each investigation, the reporting recipient is met with to go over the final findings, and are made aware of their option to appeal a decision at any time. Bear River Health is compliant with the reporting requirements and procedures outlined in the Joint Commission and LARA standards as well as all contractual obligations. 

Mail and Packages

Mail and packages for current clients are to be sent to the address below:

"Client's Name"
Bear River Health
2329 Center Street
Boyne Falls, MI 49713

To leave a message for a client, call: (231) 535-9203

Bear River Health is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen mail. Bear River Health will not forward mail for clients that have been discharged, these items will be returned to the sender.   Clients may not order items for delivery offline unless given approval by the clinical team.

Recovery Preparation

Here you'll find what you can and cannot bring when attending treatment:

Client Packing List PDF

Call The Bear River Health Treatment Center Hotline:

(231) 535-2822

We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your road to recovery begins with a call or message to an admissions specialist. All consultations are free and confidential.