sydney raesmallAs humanity faces a global pandemic unlike anything seen in more than a century, the term, “social distancing” quickly became the best strategy in our quest to slow the progression of COVID-19 transmission. However, that term may be disconcerting for some of us, sending a signal to our psyche that makes us feel more isolated than is actually the case. In reality, a better description of what we need to do is, “physical distancing”, which means actually putting space between ourselves and others, lots of space, six-feet of space as a suggested minimum. 

But socially, we need connection. From the first time a caveman brought a rock to share with their neighbor in the next cave, we became a race of social creatures. Even the introverts among us can’t last forever without some limited interaction with other persons. As social beings, we crave community, we desire dialogue, we need our networks. The phrase, “It takes a village…” is based on the concept that even if we can exist on our own, it is much easier and we are much happier to live in a society, to have others with whom we can communicate and on whom we can rely. 

As we weather the current ‘stay home, stay safe’ environment, we need to maintain our connections with others. We just have to do it more creatively and more distantly, but it can and must be done. It’s not the same, but it will get us through. Using social media, telecommunications, even yelling across the fence to your neighbor, there are connections waiting to be made:  

  • Keep in touch: not with your hands, but with your hearts. Connect via facebook, through online meeting applications, with a phone call.
  • Reach out: with messages of hope, set up a blog, post affirmations on social media and send emails to family and friends that convey how we are strong, resilient and determined to fight the good fight. Jokes and memes are good too! 

Have each others’ back: do you have skills that can benefit others? Use them to make supplies, to walk a neighbor’s dog, to help your fellow man 
anyway you can.