How is Bear River Health Responding?

Primary Care

Early opening of Primary Care Division for onsite treatment and treatment of Medicaid patients in the community

Social Distancing
Alternative Treatment Methods
Respiratory Isolation

Saving Lives and Fostering Growth

- Emergency Response -

The early trickle of COVID-19 infection has turned into a steady current. To stay ahead of the curve Bear River Health (BRH) has implemented a COVID-19 emergency response to deal with this epidemic, and its ever changing requirements.

Effective emergency preparedness allowed Bear River Health to remain at the head of the curve. Addressing the crisis is the top priority of the Leadership at BRH. A crisis response team was immediately established. The team worked swiftly to identify a response plan. Precaution measures were enacted prior to each advisory due to the strategic forethought of the crisis response team. The next measures are prepared and ready to execute if and when the need arises.

Bear River Health will stay committed to providing treatment and care during this time of need. If clients do not have access to a safe place to go after treatment, Bear River Health will not discharge anyone even if funding runs out. Implementation of the mentioned measures has allowed Bear River Health to continue its mission of saving lives and fostering growth.

- Respiratory Isolation -

Respiratory Isolation rooms will keep clients safe by providing an individual space that is under observation before integrating into the current client population. Clients in isolation will have access to medical staff around the clock, and will be able to access virtual meetings via tablet for clinical programming so that they may begin the pathway to recovery. The tablets will allow individuals to begin the program, provide entertainment, and allow them to remain in contact with family during these trying times.